A section is the second smallest unit in the Spartan-IV Regiment. Sections are typically led by junior non-commissioned officers and do not contain any commissioned officers. A section is roughly equivalent to the UNSC Army and Marine Corps' squad and the Covenant Army's lance.

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Sections are made up of only two fireteams (each containing one junior NCO and three other members), making for a total of two junior NCO's and six other members. The Spartan-IV Regiment's organisation seems to stray away from that of the UNSC's and roughly follow the Commonwealth's military organisation, although sections and fireteams function quite differently. Three sections make up a platoon.


Sections contain six members, a sniper, a technician, a heavy weapons specialist, a vehicular specialist, a pilot and a medic. Typically, each member will be trained in a second trade (which varies but is usaully sniper/technician, heavy weapons/vehicular specialist and pilot/medic) to function when the section is split into fireteams. Sections can be split into two fireteams (Charlie and Delta), with three members in each team. The commander of the section will command Charlie fireteam, while the second in command of the section will command Delta fireteam. Any of the section positions can be held by the commander and second in command (although they can't both have the same position).

The commander of a section is usually a senior airman (Air Force), a corporal (Army), a corporal (Marine Corps) or a petty officer third class (Navy). The second in command is usually an airman first class (Air Force), a private first class (Army), a lance corporal (Marine Corps) or a crewman (Navy). The other six members are usaully airmen basic, airmen (Air Force), privates (Army), privates, privates first class (Marine Corps), crewmen recruits or crewmen apprentices (Navy).

Notable SectionsEdit

  • First Section (?/?/A)
  • Third Section (3/8/C)

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