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ZX Clan productions (ZXCP) is a branch of the ZX Clan. Lieutenant General Brendan O'Brien is in charge of the ZX Clan and ZXCP. ZX Clan Productions creates shows, movies, etc. mainly for the internet. ZXCP is part of the ZX Clan.


During 2008 and 2009, there were plans for a stop motion lego sitcom, which got dropped, as well as plans for a show that was supposed to be called "Gordon's Heroes" which was to be a futuristic version of Hogan's Heroes that was planned and dropped in 2010. The series was supposed to take place in a fictional war in the future.

Their current project, which is still in the making is Project: Spartan-IV, which is what this wiki is about. The idea came around during early 2010, and started to be worked on more when Gordon's Hereos was dropped in August. During the months of late 2010, Project: Spartan-IV underwent quite a few changes, going from being about experimental Spartans from the Dragoons and Fusiliers regiments of unidentified cities, who were supposed to spend the entire series in training, and during some of early 2011 was supposed to be about two out of twenty-six Spartan-IV fireteams who were in war games, and eventually missions. Around early march, the series was changed once more, to become what it is today.